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research deep learning, molecular dynamics, molecular design, ar/vr
phd heta gandhi <hgandhi@ur.rochester.edu>, geemi wellawatte <gwellawa@ur.rochester.edu>, ziyue yang <zyang43@ur.rochester.edu>, sam cox <swrig30@ur.rochester.edu>, mehrad ansari <mehrad.ansari@rochester.edu>, shane smictavy <smichtav@che.rochester.edu>, wei zhu <wzhu15@ur.rochester.edu> quintina campbell <qcampbe2@ur.rochester.edu>
postdoc mayk caldas <mcaldasr@UR.Rochester.edu>
pi andrew white <andrew.white@rochester.edu>, he/him
bio Andrew White is an associate of professor at University of Rochester. He received his PhD in chemical engineering from University of Washington and did a postdoc in chemistry at University of Chicago. White's research group studies the self-assembly and structure of biomacromolecules with coarse-grained simulation and deep learning. He and his group are leaders in the adaption of deep learning to chemistry and materials, with research on graph neural networks, explaining deep learning models, and AI-directed iterative experiments.
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